SWITCH: Simultaneous Wireless Information & Energy Transfer for Low-powered Communication technologies

  • Leading innovation

    Leading innovation

    SWITCH research effort brings together the skills and scientific expertise of four different research groups in the fields of Antennas/Microwaves (FRC and UCY/ECE)and Communications (UCY/IRIDA and OUC), with the profound experience and research calibre of an internationally distinguished research group from UK, (Heriot-Watt University), in order to implement, and experimentally assess, an entirely novel receiver topology for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer (SWIPT)
  • SWIPT - KET  for 5G Technology

    SWIPT - KET for 5G Technology

    SWIPT - Simultaneous Wireless Information and WPT - Wireless Power Transfer are Key Enabling Technologies for 5G networks

Simultaneous Wireless Information & energy Transfer for low-powered Communication tecHnologies - SWITCH research effort brings together the  skills  and  scientific  expertise  of  four  different  Cyprus’  research  groups  in  the  fields  of  Communications  (UCY/KIOS  and  OUC)  and Antennas/Microwaves  (FRC  and  UCY/ECE)  with  the  profound  experience  and  research  calibre  of  an  internationally  distinguished  research group  from  UK,  (HWU),  in  order  to  implement,  and  experimentally  assess,  an  entirely  novel  receiver  topology  for  Simultaneous  Wireless Information  and  Power  Transfer  (SWIPT).  In  close  relation,  it  also  investigates  fundamental  research  problems  related  to  the  deployment  of Wireless Powered Sensor Networks (WPSNs) and especially the transmitter’s desired characteristics. This proposed research, aims, and is expected  to  produce  high  quality  publications  and  suggest  technological  advancements  on  topics  related  to  Wireless  Powered Communications (WPC).


HO: Frederick Research Center - FRC

PA1: University of Cyprus - UCY

PA2: Open University Cyprus - OUC

FRO: Heriot-Watt University, UK - HWU



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